Brendon Palmer-Angell

Artist + Brendon Palmer-Angell

I’m a  visual artist living and working in New Orleans, LA.  From three-story murals to small oil paintings, my work focuses on portraits of humanity, often touching on themes related to community, social justice, and culture.  I use a realistic style of portraiture to attempt to create an immediate and intimate connection with the viewer.  Drawing from my background in Buddhist meditation and study, I strive to convey my subject’s inner presence and innate value.

Born in Northern New York, I received a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University. My work has been exhibited in New Orleans, Detroit, and Washington DC. I’ve executed over a dozen large-scale public murals in Louisiana and New York. In 2020 I received a Federal grant for public art in the Gentilly Resilience District, New Orleans.  My memorial portrait series Irreplaceable: Taken by the Pandemic was selected for the Ogden Museum’s Louisiana Contemporary, and became part of a mayoral event on the first anniversary of the pandemic