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Born in Marrero, Louisiana to an ironworker and seamstress, early on in life, I was immersed into a world of creative influences and the spirit of ingenuity. My grandfather was a self-taught carpenter, gardener, and outdoorsman, who built the house, he later raised his family in, as a teenager with little education.

Following my grandfather's example and forging my own path, I combined my love of Old World craftsmanship with a deep desire to make a dent in the waste stream. Utilizing ready supple materials from overflowing dumpsters from in and around New Orleans, in addition to the influence of southern folk, outsider, and tramp art styles, I created a style that juxtaposes tangible pieces of New Orleans history with fresh patterns and design.

In 1999, after some prodding from friends and family, I began marketing my work. Since, I have sold my work in various retail locations, galleries, art shows, and festivals. The majority of my work is custom designed furniture, which features a great balance to the stock line of frames and functional decor pieces, which I am constantly producing.


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