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I have always been enamored with art, especially with fashion design, a love that motivated me to ultimately create my own clothing line. C.Major (nola) comes from my name -- Anne Major Cassidy. Long before developing C.Major (nola), I was designing and creating my own clothing using my mother's old sewing machine at our family home in Kentucky. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mother, who has impeccable taste for clothing and art, and along with my father, has always nurtured my creativity and encouraged me to pursue my passions.

I came to New Orleans, sight unseen, to attend Tulane University and immediately fell in love with the vibrant culture of the city. During my time here, I truly began to think of New Orleans as home. When I graduated in 2004 and left to attend design school at Parsons in New York City, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d make my way back.

Developing my own clothing line, in the city I love, has always been a lifelong career goal that I hope will contribute to the continuing revitalization, rebirth, and in some ways, reinvention of New Orleans. Not only are the clothes made in New Orleans, but in many ways the C.Major (nola) collection is inspired by the City itself. New Orleans presents an incredibly cool juxtaposition of old school charm, and sophistication mixed with a really current, hip character and appeal. By and large, the music, art, food, and the architecture tend to be classic without seeming tired, or are often fresh with a nod to the past and tradition. The C.Major (nola) line captures that same sentiment, and embraces that perfect balance of ‘old and new’ inspired by New Orleans.

C.Major (nola) is a lifestyle brand for women, and a collection that is meant for every day living. It is a clothing line that is smart and demure, while at the same time beautifully made with impact. The collection is designed to spark interest with modern details and sophisticated fabrics, but the silhouettes will maintain a classic and time honored aesthetic intended to be relevant for seasons to come. The clothes are more style driven than trend conscious, but they're also current and fun.

C.Major (nola) debuted it's first collection for Spring + Summer of 2013, with a small capsule collection for Holiday 2012. We continue to offer two seasonal collections a year. Each collection embodies functionality, versatility, individuality, and exclusivity.

Anne Cassidy is a New Orleans artist living and working in the Uptown neighborhood.


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