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My name is Forrest Bacigalupi. I made my home here in New Orleans amidst the tropical heat and Caribbean color of an antiquated and soulful town. After graduating from Tulane University, I decided to launch Arts Kinetic. I was inspired by the frenetic energy and the undeniably erratic pulse of this wholly unique city; and after focusing most of my attention to the study of French Literature and Philosophy, I was hungry for a new means of self-expression.

There is an all-pervasive bohemian quality in New Orleans that is reflected in the prolific musical traditions, the world-renowned cuisine, the wonderful architecture—crumbling and opulent in the same breath. These sentiments are represented in my collection of jewelry. With an eye on the past, but a gaze firmly fixed on the future, I try to be true to the unique incongruities of style that so harmoniously make up the New Orleans experience. That's what my line of jewelry is all about, it is a broad mix of vintage and contemporary design elements, unexpected materials, and an array of production techniques. Ultimately, the outcome is an eclectic collection of designs that are at the same time provocative, elegant, current, but timeless.

Here's to having fun and celebrating beauty!

Forrest Bacigalupi is a New Orleans artist living and working in the East Carrollton neighborhood.


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