Sara Hardin

Artist + Sara Hardin


I am Sara Hardin, I am a New Orleans-based visual artist and art educator. I create paintings and woodcut prints that explore the connection between place and memory. My inspiration comes from both personal and collective recollections. I bring awareness of the space and the unique intricacies of the human experience; the ticks, the quirks, and the machinations of everyday life. My work plays with the unique characteristics and culture of New Orleans, my hometown. My work is a cacophony of recollection, color, expressive brush strokes, and the enigmatic nature of our lived experiences. 

I graduated from the University of Louisiana in 2016 with my B.A.  in Arts Education. From there,  I began teaching visual arts at the secondary level. From 2019 to 2020, I took part in several group exhibitions and was a member of the Basin Arts Artist Collective in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2021, I was awarded a fully-funded artist residency in VanCleave, Mississippi. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting, at the University of New Orleans. Simultaneously, I continue to work as an Art Educator in the Greater New Orleans Area, where my students remain a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation in my personal studio practice.