Jono Goodman

Artist + Jono Goodman

I was born in Shreveport, LA and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (2005) from Louisiana State University. Thereafter, I was granted a Professional Printers Certificate (2006) from the Tamarind Institute of Lithography in Albuquerque, NM and later went on to earn my Master of Fine Arts (2010) from the San Francisco Art Institute. My use of layer and color arrangement, technique exploration, and constant reformatting of my work allow me to stay engaged in a project while creating an image that is completely satisfying. These essentials along with other conventional elements come together as the leading vehicle for translating my inner vision and relating it to the viewer.

While my abstract imagery has become synonymous with the mediums of printmaking and painting, my work stems from an extensive exploration of various techniques from these mediums.

Jono Goodman is a New Orleans artist living and working in the Freret area.


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