Margaret Crosby

Artist + Margaret Crosby

Louisiana is in my blood... my roots run deep into the soil. I leave from time to time, yet always seem to return. I pick up skills and perspectives from my travels then come home to put them into practice. I've learned to listen deeply and connect with the unique landscape that surrounds us every day. I strive to showcase the beauty of the world we live in by allowing it to speak for itself... Letting the elements come together in such a harmonious way that we have no choice but to stop and feel it. 


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Local art is the lifeblood of our culture and communities. We source work from hundreds of painters, muralists, sculptors, metal workers, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, and textile artists, every one of whom is part of your local community.

Rain Garden, Elephant Ear
Natasha Sanchez Photography
Natasha Sanchez
May 25, 2018
Nicholas Pechon Photography
Nicholas Pechon
Sunday Footwork at Baby's Snacks
David Joshua Jennings Photography
David Joshua Jennings
Somewhere Louisiana
Vincente Weber Photography
Vincente Weber
reflection in the bayou landscape - 1599
Tinroom Art Photography Tinroom Photography
Tinroom Art Photography
Festival des Acadiens
Devin De Wulf Folk / Outsider Art / Painting / Photography
Devin De Wulf
The Great Blue, in Violet
Jenny Adams Photography
Jenny Adams
Super Tramp
Jamell Tate Photography
Jamell Tate
Harlin Miller Photography
Harlin Miller
Butterfly Tessellation Look & Breathe Series 2
Muffin Bernstein Photography
Muffin Bernstein
Jason David White Photography
Jason David White
Callie Joseph Photography
Callie Joseph
Dry Cypress Bayou
Rush Jagoe Photography
Rush Jagoe
Photographs: Dreamscape
Brandy Dufrene Photography / Illustration
Brandy Dufrene
Into the Mystic
Debbie Willson Photography
Debbie Willson
Delacroix, 3531
Eric J. Nunez Photography
Eric J. Nunez
Billie Eilish
Erika Goldring Photography
Erika Goldring
Streetcar Tunnel
Alan Zakem Zakem Art
Alan Zakem
New Orleans Silhouette
Alex Demyan Photography
Alex Demyan