Tim Kennedy

Artist + Tim Kennedy

I'm a native, born and raised in an uptown neighborhood on the corner of Magazine and Calhoun Sts. I left to attend LSU where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, then returned home to work in the Mardi Gras industry. I did this as an Artist/Designer/Art Dept. Manager for 44 years and retired in 2016.

The transition to the oeuvre that I'm populating this site with began in teaming with an old buddy, the colorful and very gifted Joe Barth III. We collaborated on a few large works in Orange Beach, AL and I couldn't wait to get back to NOLA to start forming some unique concepts in my new vein of inspiration. This inspiration involved a mix of an aluminum wire armature, different weighs of paper, and most importantly, green contact cement (a 3M product), and also clear contact cement (a DAP product). After the sculpture is painted and completed I apply 3 coats of polyurethane.

I strive to portray an emotionally charged moment, maybe a blissful instant or animated gesture bringing movement and some interesting negative space to pop off your wall, as my sculptures usually hang on the wall. Last but not least, I would like to add that my pieces generally depict the fairer sex. I consider the female form a beautifully complex and flawless creation. God's greatest creation.


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