Geraldine Brezca + Christian Schirach

Artist + Geraldine Brezca + Christian Schirach

ChreegooAndPiruShop began in 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana where the married team of Geraldine Brezca (Piru) and Christian Schirach (Chreegoo) joined forces in ceramics  and plant scapes.

We are both creators as Geraldine works within yoga, pottery, photography and film productions while Christian’s focus has been with carpentry, creating furniture as well as being a knowledgeable chef, music and art curator. Now we are able to combine our visions and create unique ceramics with character. Geraldine’s passion for working with clay is inspired by nature and its inhabitants with stoneware honoring different fish and birds in a series, as well as our  popular alligator series, totem and water fountains. In PiruAndChreegooShop you will find vibrant stoneware ceramics. Christian's eye for rare vintage pottery, planters and other clever finds are also incorporated with various cactus and plants, that we buy locally and grow. Plus, as an added bonus, you will find must have organic spices, #ChiracSpice & #TridoshaChiracs, that are delicious on everything!

We take custom orders.

We don't ship plants. We deliver in town and you are welcome to come shop at our porch/shop!


Meet the Artists

Local art is the lifeblood of our culture and communities. We source work from hundreds of painters, muralists, sculptors, metal workers, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, and textile artists, every one of whom is part of your local community.

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