Is it safe to buy art online? 

Definitely. Buying art online has never been more popular or safer, provided you are buying from reputable, established sources like Where Y’Art Works. 

Who is Where Y’Art Works and why should I feel safe buying from you? 

With over 30 years of combined experience in art and design and an extensive network of resources, Where Y’Art Works is a nationally acclaimed, full-service art consulting company that has been selling art online since 2013. We represent nearly 150 local artists in four markets. To date, we’ve completed 217 commercial projects for organizations including Ochsner, XX, XX and YY, and put nearly $2 million dollars back into local cultural economies. 

Why do you work exclusively with local artists? 

We believe local artists are the lifeblood of our shared history and cultural legacy and their art plays a crucial role in creating and sustaining thriving communities. Through our support of local artist communities and the supply chain ecosystem they are a part of, we help build a healthier, more inclusive, and more sustainable local economy, which benefits everyone. 

How do I know whether your asking prices are fair?  

All artists price their work fairly.  We take a much smaller percentage than other galleries (only 15% online) thus ensuring that you are getting a fair price, AND that the artist is getting a fair portion of the sales.

How do I tell the difference between good art and bad art? 

Art is really in the eye of the beholder. All artwork on the website has been curated to ensure that it is made with quality and longevity in mind, however the rest is a matter of opinion.  Original works of art carry a higher value than reproductions.  Limited edition prints hold a higher value than open edition prints.

How do I care for my art? 

Keep artwork in a dry space, and avoid direct sunlight whenever possible.  Unless you frame works with UV protective glass, the sun may impact the color value of your artwork over time. Never get artwork wet and avoid humid spaces to preserve your artwork.

I’ve never bought art before. Where do I start? 

Trust what you like, buy what you love.  We believe that you should love your pieces so trust your gut.  A great way to start collecting artwork is to follow artists on our website, to stay up to date with artwork they are creating. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be introduced to new artists, mediums, and works from your favorite artists.  If you are starting to collect artwork on a budget, prints may be a great way to develop a style and aesthetic you like before making larger purchases of original artwork. Feel free to reach out to if you need any specific direction or pointers in starting your art collection or adding to an existing collection.

Are prices negotiable? 

Prices are not negotiable.  All artists price their work fairly.  We take a much smaller percentage that other galleries (only 15% online) thus ensuring that you are getting the best price available.

Is framing available? 

If an individual work is framed it will be stated in the artists work listing, otherwise framing is only available for commercial clients as a part of an artwork service package.

Do you consign artwork? 

No we do not consign artwork. The work sold on the platform is only from the artists represented on the site. We do not resell art by artists who are not affiliated with Where Y’Art Works.

We do work with film companies to rent artwork on behalf of production companies that carry full insurance coverage of artwork while being used in film.


What will art do for my organization? 

Art enhances work environments in so many ways. It communicates your organization’s brand and personality. It improves quality of life, inspires creativity, propels economic growth, and creates an elevated sense of identity, inclusion, and place for all. 

 Why work with local artists? 

Art should enhance your work environment and communicate your organization’s brand and personality but investing in local art has the power to do so much more. Beyond buying a piece of art, you’re showing respect for and celebrating your city’s unique character and boosting its invaluable cultural economy. By embracing and amplifying the work of local artists, you benefit society and yourselves.

Can I commission work from you? 

We work with organizations to commission artwork of all types.  From original artwork to reproductions, our experienced team can work with you from commissions, to framing and installations.  We also work with clients for customized art solutions that can fit your space or brand needs. 

Do you loan art? 

We do not loan artwork under most circumstances, however we do work with film companies to rent artwork on behalf of production companies that carry full insurance coverage of artwork while being used in film.  If you are interested in renting artwork for film, please email

If I’m Interested in art for my organization, how do I get started?

Learn more

Meet the artists 

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What kind of artwork do you show? 

We source original, one-of-a-kind artworks and prints from hundreds of painters, muralists, sculptors, metal workers, printmakers, illustrators, photographers, and textile artists in all styles, shapes, sizes, and price points from the markets we serve. 

How do I submit work to sell? 

Apply to become a member artist here

How do you select artists? 

Artists can apply via (join link).  Your artwork will then be juried based upon the standards set forth in the application.  Once a decision has been made, you will be notified whether or not your artwork has been accepted.  Our jury team may reach out for more information when needed to review your application.

Do I set my prices or do you? 

All artists set their own prices, however our experienced staff is here to help if you are looking for guidance regarding your pricing.

What services do you offer artists? 

We work in partnership with our member artists to enrich and augment your efforts. Together, we work to create opportunities that drive sales and help you build strong relationships, with no exclusivity required. Our services include: resources and connections for commercial sales; marketing support and promotions; media opportunities; social media promotion; group exhibitions at Where Y’Art Works Gallery in New Orleans; inclusion in our vibrant online marketplace; and access to affordable photography, framing, and creative services. 

Where can I learn more? 

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Contact us 


How long does it take to receive my art? 

Each artist sets their own personal shipping policies, and all are listed in the shipping tab on the individual artist’s profile page.

How is the artwork packaged? 

Each artist packages their own work with the utmost care and attention, depending on what type of artwork you purchase.  

Where do you deliver? 

Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee, depending on the location.  For information regarding delivery, please email

What is your return policy? 

Artwork can be returned if anything is not as expected described, within 7 days of the artwork arrival, provided there is no damage upon arrival.  

Who pays for return costs? 

If artwork is damaged, a formal shipping complaint will be made between the artist who shipped the piece and the buyer, and the return will be paid for by the artist. 

If artwork is returned because anything does not meet the description of the artwork listed online, the artist will refund and cover return costs.

Can I cancel my order? 

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact within 24 hours of your purchase, and we can initiate the refund process.

The artwork arrived damaged. What should I do? 

Artwork can be returned if it arrives damaged.  If damage occurs, you MUST clearly photograph all shipping containers and packaging and keep the packaging until a proper claim has been made regarding the damage, with the artist and the shipping company. Reports and photographs of damaged artwork must happen within 24 hrs of the receipt of the artwork.