Ryan Gianelloni

Artist + Ryan Gianelloni

In 2010 I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts.  After college, my journey brought me down many paths and in 2014 one of those paths led me to a special opportunity.  I began to work with George Dunbar.  Since then, I have been adding to my toolbox of knowledge - learning new materials, techniques, and processes - adopting and adapting them to become my own. 

Texture is the heart and soul of my current body of work. Textural characteristics can be found among the gilded structural elements of wood, string, and other collected objects.  My artwork can be found in private collections and has been featured in numerous juried shows - including the 2018 Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s “Louisiana Contemporary” show where only 25 artists were selected from the entire state.



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Connor McManus Mixed Media / Painting
Connor McManus
Watson 101 Print
Bruce Corona Drawing / Mixed Media / Painting
Bruce Corona
Terrance Strikes a Pose on Lafitte Street
Drew Cooke Mixed Media / Painting
Drew Cooke
Fragility- Fine Art Print
Kate Hanrahan Illustration / Mixed Media / Painting
Kate Hanrahan
No Coasters Needed
Kristen Albrecht Mixed Media / Painting
Kristen Albrecht
Leap of Faith - Original Mixed Media Abstract on Vintage Textbook Paper
Rachel Rice-Baham Painting / Mixed Media
Rachel Rice-Baham
Big Bad Woman, Mother of the Sea
Deborah Shavlik Mixed Media
Deborah Shavlik
Infinite Sadness
Jeremy Paten Mixed Media / Painting
Jeremy Paten
Touch of Magenta - Geode
Lori Sperier Mixed Media / Painting
Lori Sperier
Bird Watching
Ember Soberman Painting / Mixed Media
Ember Soberman
The Graduate
Marcus Akinlana Mixed Media
Marcus Akinlana
Sense of Self
Caitlin Waugh Paraph
Glassworks / Mixed Media / Sculpture / Wood Working
Caitlin Waugh